Super Mario Crossover


  • Jump using Z
  • Run using the arrow keys
  • Attack using X

Super Mario crossover is an original Mario game combined with other games. Here, you can be Super Mario, Sammy, or Megha. Choose your role, defeat the monsters that stop you, and save the kidnapped princess. If you like Mario, let’s make this improved arcade game.

Super Mario crossover’s Game Operations

In Super Mario crossover, the Mario you choose will move in the direction through the direction keys, and the letter Z will jump. And the x key to attack enemies that pose a threat to your life.

Super Mario crossover’s Game Content

Choose your role and officially start the Super Mario crossover. It is similar to the original game content, collecting gold coins, avoiding malicious mushrooms and turtles, and even man-eating flowers on sewer pipes, to acquire grown mushrooms capable of growing and launching attack skills, of better destroying enemies in the journey and to ensure a smooth road.

Super Mario crossover’s Game Features

It is a cross game, and you can see characters in other games except for Mario and fight with them.  With various levels, you can challenge multiple scenes and defeat different powerful monsters, thus completing customs clearance and rescuing the princess from the monster without degrading her mission.